IPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 4 (Part 1 / IPad)

My company kindly provided me with a 12″ IPad Pro… I kindly provided my kids with Core I5 Surface Pro tablets… after all this this kindness I am taking this as a usability comparison between Surface and IPad pro.

Two kids and by that two totally different behaviors, one IT affine and one a pur User. This makes the setup more challenging for the Surface at it has to deal with total technical ignorance and just needs to function (which ideally would be the default for tech stuff in this price region). Unfortunately this is rarely the case and I was looking to see how this would work with kid #2.

I am using the IPad with a pen and a logitech780 keyboard as I need it switch the keyboard between several devices. Keayboardwise this is a – uh well, works –  the build in keyboard is unbeatable given the possibility to easily switch between a couple of languages. IOS10 improved here as the correction still works across keyboards now (writing this on a German Keyboard with english spellchecking on the IPad).

The Apple Pencil is – despite the price – a brilliant product. It not only does what it shall, it just works (so we are back in stereotypes 🙂 ). The palm rejection works like a charm. BUT there are zero to nil programs that take real benefit from the pencil. I was expecting to easily be able to switch to a full digital workflow, handwriting being translated, signing all over the place and so on.

Well #FAIL so far – I do replace manual/analoge work partially with a digital part meanwhile. But it is a hassle to find software that would work hand in hand. Worst possible example (as directly comparable to Surface) is Microsoft OneNote. No real writing recognition, all writing ends up as picture, system integration into IOS hurts.

The IPad is a brilliant piece of technology, the overall integration into the Apple Universe just works. As a consumer product it just sucks – in particular if the usecase direct to a pure User with no technology affinity. Breaking borders always feels like a violation. For the moment I tend to believe this to be too pricy compared with an IPad Air for example. That would cover 90% of what the Pro does by half the price. For me right now the pendulum swings towards the MS product – let’s see what the kids come with 🙂

— Coments are more than welcome as I am trying to find more ways to make use of this enormous screen

29. December 2016 by Kay
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The British are leaving …

happy 4th of July to the other site of the water,… And I beg all Brits pardon – but I just couldn’t resist on the header line. In particular after googling and finding the only currently relevant results pointing to the 2016 leave – rather than 1776.


04. July 2016 by Kay
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Brexit II

This IS horrifying – I admit – well I hope – that this only comes from a louder and more ugly minority. But still – this is what becomes the view of Britain in mainland Europe

115 worrying signs

I felt and feel terribly ashamed seeing this ultra right slogans in Germany, but was somehow joining this to ancient 30’s shibboleths and our history.
I am not feeling a little better to see any of this in the UK.

I certainly hope the UK is taking the referendum forward ASAP to make and demonstrate clear decisions, so that In particular the UK internal sentiments get straightened out.

And at this point in time I actually just don’t care anymore on Brexit or Bremain, but decisions….

26. June 2016 by Kay
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Brexit I

Pure stock driven view (UK100 / GER30) – about wealth and prosperity and people telling how bad it is in comparison to the gone days.
All this is a result also of the EU
We all should be a bit more careful about “good ole day” stories,… and how bad all is today. I certainly hope people do start thinking more before moaning.
And yes it was all easier the days it only was the steel and coal union… but the world is moving forward usually..
And I am not even start to talk about foreign infiltration – just would recommend to take a DNA check – just to see where one is from. As German I still have my difficulties with this as it reminds me on aryan discussions 70 years back

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This is my day – I’m a getting 48 today – and as such this is my takeaway for today and what I want to say to you.
In my entire life time I made my jokes on German, American, Canadian, French, English, Nordic, southern, northern, yellow, white, black, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and many others – together with them – I lived with these “foreigners” myself being in a foreign country. Lots of these guys are more friends than colleges to me. #LoveOverFear and #UnitedWeStand it is I wanted to say

20. November 2015 by Kay
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Become a German – the Brit view

This is actually one I’d like to be seen by some Germans – when it comes to whingeing about how bad all is… And to understand that some behaviours might be more of a virtue – if not overdone.

And I’d like to emphasis that “sauerkraut” is not THE national dish, even not served warm… There are several others distributed by region. Sauerkraut – as well as reducing Germany to Bavarian style – is a relict from the after war times or more generally when poorness was around a country. It is just a cheap vegetable to be preserved fresh without a fridge.

31. October 2015 by Kay
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Why social media is a good thing – sometimes

Or  how a sad story turned into something “good”. In my recent post missbehavior I really was feeling like “oh men,… must this happen over and over again”?

But following the news and some of the obvious media this story turned out to be something where people stand up and give a voice. I am really overwhelmed to see this as a pattern occurring in most to all western communities I am connected to. If it is here with @IStandWithAmed and Ahmed being invited to great events with Google, Barak Obama or Mark Zuckerberg AND supported by them very visibly – Or be it the overwhelming wave of welcome in Germany on the refugee story – Or be it the “je suis Charlie” slogan which only was born through twitter by J. Roncin.

Thinking longer I believe there are even more bullets on this list.

What does this teach us? Social media – beside all moaning – is a good thing. Global connectivity – even if feared by most in my age or older – is a good thing. Seeing my Kids growing up in a connected world – even if it is a dram to balance on and off-line time is a good thing.

Historically seen, I would believe more global connectivity (or translate that into “more global talk and exchange of visions) would have helped a lot on awkward situations. Which could only get where they are because of their regional castlement

18. September 2015 by Kay
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I thought some German regions and cities have an anti Islamic “issue”, but the US / Texas / Irving is not a bit better… Shame on all of you – regardless where!

Irving 9th-grader arrested after taking homemade clock to school

16. September 2015 by Kay
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World is changing

Mr. Jobs is going to explode – wherever he is. Apple just released a PEN with the new iPad Pro and had Microsoft on stage to showcase for productivity tools.

09. September 2015 by Kay
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News from Nerdistan


08. September 2015 by Kay
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