The British are leaving …

happy 4th of July to the other site of the water,… And I beg all Brits pardon – but I just couldn’t resist on the header line. In particular after googling and finding the only currently relevant results pointing to the 2016 leave – rather than 1776.  

Brexit II

This IS horrifying – I admit – well I hope – that this only comes from a louder and more ugly minority. But still – this is what becomes the view of Britain in mainland Europe 115 worrying signs I felt and feel terribly ashamed seeing this ultra right slogans in Germany, but was somehow … [Read more…]

Brexit I

Pure stock driven view (UK100 / GER30) – about wealth and prosperity and people telling how bad it is in comparison to the gone days. All this is a result also of the EU   We all should be a bit more careful about “good ole day” stories,… and how bad all is today. I … [Read more…]


This is my day – I’m a getting 48 today – and as such this is my takeaway for today and what I want to say to you. In my entire life time I made my jokes on German, American, Canadian, French, English, Nordic, southern, northern, yellow, white, black, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and many others … [Read more…]

No more patience

After a dreadful start of a week that really let me rethink a lot of things… The below just perfectly expresses what I am going to try by now… Well excluding the gossiping maybe. I am really not the peace love and unicorn guy, but there are more important things in live than wasting it … [Read more…]

Become a German – the Brit view

This is actually one I’d like to be seen by some Germans – when it comes to whingeing about how bad all is… And to understand that some behaviours might be more of a virtue – if not overdone. And I’d like to emphasis that “sauerkraut” is not THE national dish, even not served warm… There … [Read more…]


I thought some German regions and cities have an anti Islamic “issue”, but the US / Texas / Irving is not a bit better… Shame on all of you – regardless where! Irving 9th-grader arrested after taking homemade clock to school