The British are leaving …

happy 4th of July to the other site of the water,… And I beg all Brits pardon – but I just couldn’t resist on the header line. In particular after googling and finding the only currently relevant results pointing to the 2016 leave – rather than 1776.  

Brexit II

This IS horrifying – I admit – well I hope – that this only comes from a louder and more ugly minority. But still – this is what becomes the view of Britain in mainland Europe 115 worrying signs I felt and feel terribly ashamed seeing this ultra right slogans in Germany, but was somehow … [Read more…]

Brexit I

Pure stock driven view (UK100 / GER30) – about wealth and prosperity and people telling how bad it is in comparison to the gone days. All this is a result also of the EU   We all should be a bit more careful about “good ole day” stories,… and how bad all is today. I … [Read more…]


This is my day – I’m a getting 48 today – and as such this is my takeaway for today and what I want to say to you. In my entire life time I made my jokes on German, American, Canadian, French, English, Nordic, southern, northern, yellow, white, black, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and many others … [Read more…]

Become a German – the Brit view

This is actually one I’d like to be seen by some Germans – when it comes to whingeing about how bad all is… And to understand that some behaviours might be more of a virtue – if not overdone. And I’d like to emphasis that “sauerkraut” is not THE national dish, even not served warm… There … [Read more…]

Why social media is a good thing – sometimes

Or  how a sad story turned into something “good”. In my recent post missbehavior I really was feeling like “oh men,… must this happen over and over again”? But following the news and some of the obvious media this story turned out to be something where people stand up and give a voice. I am really … [Read more…]


I thought some German regions and cities have an anti Islamic “issue”, but the US / Texas / Irving is not a bit better… Shame on all of you – regardless where! Irving 9th-grader arrested after taking homemade clock to school