London & the mobility

I just had the opportunity two stay for two days in central London. Some people do see this city as the center of the universe… If so I would wonder how bad the center of everything can be equipped. I have never been in a place that has so bad GSM / EDGE / 3G … [Read more…]

A world without gas

It is a sad story at the end… Better Place started to make the world a bit better and cleaner by using electricity instead of a combustion engine [A world without Gas]. The underlaying business model was to build the infrastructure (batteries, switching stations etc). A Better Place wanted to start in smaller countries first, … [Read more…]

Into the unknown…

Usually I am not a friend of this “if everybody jumps of the Bridge, then… ” attitude, but… Next time you have a  ban fight about permanent whatsup’ing the world to friends… Lean back and take a deep breath first. I have to remind myself all the time on this, as well :). But fact … [Read more…]