I Give It a Year

What shall I say … Awesome (NOT)… Embarrassing… Horrible German translation as the culture clash between british and american is never working… Utterly tedious to view without using the FF key… Incredibly predictable… And so boring flat… Ohh and btw… Everybody is driving on the wrong right side 🙂 I Give It a Year (2013)A … [Read more…]

Warm Bodies

“Simply R…” and Love exhumes heals the world. A feel good movie, even if it starts with eaten humans. If you are just in a bad mood, this might be a good film to make you feel better. Nothing substantial probably, but a nice shot zombie meets girl and all gets good again love story. … [Read more…]

Star Trek: Into Darkness

There are some prerequisites if want to look this film AND enjoy it. Be a friend of Star Trek,… If you speak Klingon fluently you should probably stick to the old movies. You should like the reboot of 2009. If so you will not do anything wrong. I like the way the characters are “redone” … [Read more…]

Hansel & Gretel

Hansel & Gretel and a bottle of wine,… one was to much. The Grimm Brothers will rotate wherever they have their six feet under. If you ignore the title it is a nice filmed Helsing like movie. A bit steampunk, black witches, a friendly troll and lots of action… another good don’t think, just enjoy … [Read more…]

Life of Pi

A tiger named Richard Parker and an Indian youngster in a boat for nearly 300 day’s. Sounds like a very rubbish story in any sense at first. But it isn’t… It starts like a typical Bollywood film with a charming mid 60s French touch in the background and turns into a fantastic story about bravery, … [Read more…]

Skirt Day

Heute trage ich Rock / Works well in German,… even the synchronization is transposing the story into a german context. Sounds and feels like a school in Berlin Neu-Köln. Beeing a teacher has so much changed over the past 30 years. Sometimes I wonder how someone can choose this as a way of live. Or … [Read more…]

Iron Man 3

Loud, colorful, Pepper Potts in action,… If you ever read Marvel Comics, this is it. From a story point of view… Tony Stark is a broken character still suffering from his New York near death experience. The story is a bit lacking the density of part 1&2 as the character of Tony Stark is well … [Read more…]