IPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 4 (Part 1 / IPad)

My company kindly provided me with a 12″ IPad Pro… I kindly provided my kids with Core I5 Surface Pro tablets… after all this this kindness I am taking this as a usability comparison between Surface and IPad pro. Two kids and by that two totally different behaviors, one IT affine and one a pur … [Read more…]

World is changing

Mr. Jobs is going to explode – wherever he is. Apple just released a PEN with the new iPad Pro and had Microsoft on stage to showcase for productivity tools.

Ferroli clock

A bit pricy and really a prototype, given a ferro fluid lifetime of some months only. But this is really super geek stuff 🙂  

Fragmentation is no good thing

Fragmentation,… was a “Killer”-feature already when I worked for Motorola… Didn’t became better just because it’s android Android Fragmentation Report August 2015

Why one would need a vacuum Chamber

What falls quicker,… Feather or bowling ball? Or the real reason why you need a multi million vacuum chamber 🙂  and look at Brian’s face at the end of this,… He loves his job I bet…

MDM for the family

Recently I was just a bit struggling on all the mobile stuff my kids have… they just got equipped with the new 7″ HP Slate. My oldest has a smartphone and my daughter runs also an I-Pod touch… My Wife and I do have IPhones and tablets as well. So lots of technology flying around… … [Read more…]

Enterprise Architecure, the “incomplete” Selection

This is my very incomplete selection of what falls into the EA Domain Frameworks Business Frameworks BMM Six Markets Porters 5 Forces McKinsey 7S Architecture Frameworks PEAF MODAF TOGAF TEAF IAF Oracle EA Framework ( http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2010/10-jan/oea-framework-133702.pdf) Programming Frameworks .NET JEE Project Management Frameworks PRINCE2 MSP PMP Service Management Frameworks ITIL Industry Operations Frameworks eTOM Pragmatic … [Read more…]