Not sure if one of you saw Judge Dredd with S. Stallone,… if not no hassle to do so. This on is a complete independent “reboot”, so to say. Except the framing storyline nothing was taken from the first one. Actually not even that,… it has a judge called dread and a female trainee (was Hershey a trainee? believe not,… just a young colleague)
So really this is an independent story, that is much more aligned to the original 2000 AD comics. Much more then Mr Glamour Stallone ever could be… honestly. It is dark, ugly, muddy, super violent, bloody (did I say ugly…).
The storyline is MUCH simpler then most films I ever saw… I can just add on some comments from rotten Tomatoes here – Shoot bad guy and … Shoot bad guy and… shoot bad guy and … – BUT it is not a bad film in the sense of entertaining well. It tries to be humorous and sometimes some dark and deadpan humor is coming through.

It is bombastic popcorn movie which I would give a 7 out of 10

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