Jack and the Giants

An entertaining movie with no heights and depths… It is well telling a Jack and the Beanstalk variation and it will be fun for the two hours watching. Lot’s of good CGI, giants looking so awful and a bit of fee fi fo fum… But you don’t really buy into the story. Even actors like Ewan McGregor don’t give the characters a personal touch. Throughout the movie one feels outside the story. You never get this dive in feeling that let you forget everything real. I rarely felt it so easy to think about pressing stop and watch the rest a day later.
Story wise All elements of a Jack story are seen – beanstalk, golden egg, harp … but not really used as part of the story. (Trivia: The German Jack is often translated as Hans)
Apparently Brian Singer (Director) requires you to know the original story to understand all the references. For the non native English… Jack and the Beanstalk is a British fairy tale and NOT a Grimm, as it lacks the moralizing parts. I can’t speak for the rest of Europe, but for Germany this is a rather unknown. Which is really why most of the “secrets” don’t really work.

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