London & the mobility

I just had the opportunity two stay for two days in central London. Some people do see this city as the center of the universe… If so I would wonder how bad the center of everything can be equipped. I have never been in a place that has so bad GSM / EDGE / 3G reception than this city. My first perception really was that my phone was broken (iPhone 4s/Vodafone), but being there with colleagues I learned that this is the same for other Brands and Telcos. Even being in a so central place like the Tower bridge area (this is a huge commercial district) you are usually unable to get data connections working seamless. It might be that this is only for “us” foreigners being on roaming, but whatever it was,… it wasn’t working well.
This, the ugliness of the underground, the requirement of flying in rather then going by train and people driving on the wrong right side makes me believing I do prefer other cities like Paris or Antwerp [duck and cover]

P.S. As I’ve been there for week now with driving for the first time… I am amazed how much concentration it costs to do everything wrong the whole day long. Kudos to my British friends 🙂

P.P.S. still ducked and covered….

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