Life of Pi

A tiger named Richard Parker and an Indian youngster in a boat for nearly 300 day’s. Sounds like a very rubbish story in any sense at first. But it isn’t… It starts like a typical Bollywood film with a charming mid 60s French touch in the background and turns into a fantastic story about bravery, … [Read more…]

Skirt Day

Heute trage ich Rock / Works well in German,… even the synchronization is transposing the story into a german context. Sounds and feels like a school in Berlin Neu-Köln. Beeing a teacher has so much changed over the past 30 years. Sometimes I wonder how someone can choose this as a way of live. Or … [Read more…]

Iron Man 3

Loud, colorful, Pepper Potts in action,… If you ever read Marvel Comics, this is it. From a story point of view… Tony Stark is a broken character still suffering from his New York near death experience. The story is a bit lacking the density of part 1&2 as the character of Tony Stark is well … [Read more…]

Enterprise Architecure, the “incomplete” Selection

This is my very incomplete selection of what falls into the EA Domain Frameworks Business Frameworks BMM Six Markets Porters 5 Forces McKinsey 7S Architecture Frameworks PEAF MODAF TOGAF TEAF IAF Oracle EA Framework ( Programming Frameworks .NET JEE Project Management Frameworks PRINCE2 MSP PMP Service Management Frameworks ITIL Industry Operations Frameworks eTOM Pragmatic … [Read more…]

mouse unleashed

I’m fiddling around with mouse / keyboard sharing tools since ever… usually I end up with Synergy ( It runs on most mainstream OSes, is simple to use and a plug and play tool. Today I stumbled upon a free Microsoft tool (sic!). It’s a Garage project, it’s beta and it just works… Mouse Without … [Read more…]