The Intouchables

10 out of 10,… go and watch. One of the best movies I’ve seen for a very long time. Even better knowing it to be based on a true story. Not much more to tell as any spoiling would ruin all emotions this movie transports. The Intouchables (2011)Directed by Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano. With François … [Read more…]


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Not sure if one of you saw Judge Dredd with S. Stallone,… if not no hassle to do so. This on is a complete independent “reboot”, so to say. Except the framing storyline nothing was taken from the first one. Actually not even that,… it has a judge called dread and a female trainee (was … [Read more…]

London & the mobility

I just had the opportunity two stay for two days in central London. Some people do see this city as the center of the universe… If so I would wonder how bad the center of everything can be equipped. I have never been in a place that has so bad GSM / EDGE / 3G … [Read more…]

Jack and the Giants

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An entertaining movie with no heights and depths… It is well telling a Jack and the Beanstalk variation and it will be fun for the two hours watching. Lot’s of good CGI, giants looking so awful and a bit of fee fi fo fum… But you don’t really buy into the story. Even actors like … [Read more…]

MDM for the family

Recently I was just a bit struggling on all the mobile stuff my kids have… they just got equipped with the new 7″ HP Slate. My oldest has a smartphone and my daughter runs also an I-Pod touch… My Wife and I do have IPhones and tablets as well. So lots of technology flying around… … [Read more…]

I Give It a Year

What shall I say … Awesome (NOT)… Embarrassing… Horrible German translation as the culture clash between british and american is never working… Utterly tedious to view without using the FF key… Incredibly predictable… And so boring flat… Ohh and btw… Everybody is driving on the wrong right side 🙂 I Give It a Year (2013)A … [Read more…]

A world without gas

It is a sad story at the end… Better Place started to make the world a bit better and cleaner by using electricity instead of a combustion engine [A world without Gas]. The underlaying business model was to build the infrastructure (batteries, switching stations etc). A Better Place wanted to start in smaller countries first, … [Read more…]

City – Am Fenster

This is so back in the early 80s… and I just “re-found” it. I am not really sure if I know anything else from City, but this is it. This extend version usually ran at the disco (or whatever you would call a dark, small pace with a four square meter dance thing in the … [Read more…]