Picture Workflow II

Well – OK second part though, just to keep it rolling.

I did ditch the Adobe Cloud part as it is just to bad in terms of multi-device sync. So far I put most of the pics as high-res JPEG into the iCloud (upgraded to two TB there) – sync still runs, but times more reliable than Adobe Cloud.

I “restored” my Lightroom classic libraries – still struggling to receive never pics from the Adobe Cloud. Still some 70GB of DNG Adobe doesn’t want to give back to me.

Longterm solution for me will be to keep the Lightroom libraries local with backup – maybe splitting into year clusters at a time. I will probably keep Lightroom Classic, but will change the subscription.
Unfortunately I did lock in myself by loving Lightroom and it’s picture managing capabilities 🙂 Even though I am looking into alternatives also for Picture-works… all I need is DNG and XMP compatibility (did I say “all I need”…)

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