Why social media is a good thing – sometimes

Or  how a sad story turned into something “good”. In my recent post missbehavior I really was feeling like “oh men,… must this happen over and over again”?

But following the news and some of the obvious media this story turned out to be something where people stand up and give a voice. I am really overwhelmed to see this as a pattern occurring in most to all western communities I am connected to. If it is here with @IStandWithAmed and Ahmed being invited to great events with Google, Barak Obama or Mark Zuckerberg AND supported by them very visibly – Or be it the overwhelming wave of welcome in Germany on the refugee story – Or be it the “je suis Charlie” slogan which only was born through twitter by J. Roncin.

Thinking longer I believe there are even more bullets on this list.

What does this teach us? Social media – beside all moaning – is a good thing. Global connectivity – even if feared by most in my age or older – is a good thing. Seeing my Kids growing up in a connected world – even if it is a dram to balance on and off-line time is a good thing.

Historically seen, I would believe more global connectivity (or translate that into “more global talk and exchange of visions) would have helped a lot on awkward situations. Which could only get where they are because of their regional castlement

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